About Catherine

After twenty-four wonderful years with sheep, llamas, goats, steers, ducks, chickens, and peacocks, Melissa and I are selling the farm and moving on to our next adventure. We wanted to leave while it was still a choice and not a necessity, and this seemed the perfect time. We’ll somehow adjust to being city dwellers, and we’ll somehow turn our three country dogs into city dogs. (Residents of Red Wing, please be patient with us!)

The farm has enriched our lives beyond measure. It gave Melissa an outlet for her love of animals and plants and fixing things. It gave me a writing career. Our friend Kim warned us that the farm will ‘haunt’ us long after we’ve left, and the instant he said that, we knew it was true. But we’ll be haunted in a good way–by memories of the land we know so well, by the faces of individual animals, and by farm story after farm story.

Hit By a FarmSheepishI wrote Hit by a Farm to chronicle the beginning of the farm. Then I wrote Sheepish, a memoir about the middle of my farming life. Once the farm is sold and we’ve moved and I’ve recovered, perhaps I might need to wrap things up in a third memoir, one about deconstructing a farm, and more importantly, about the struggle to let go.

Thank you all so much for being part of our amazing adventure.

Melissa Petelier and Catherine Friend
Zumbrota, Minnesota